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A burst of tropical fruits and flinty minerality jump from the glass on this 100% Estate Sauvignon Blanc. White peach, passionfruit, and sweet melon aromas swirl together with honeysuckle and jasmine. The palate is broad and energetic, combining richness and texture with wonderful acidity. Simply put, this wine has real class.

Everything about this wine is indicative of site; it seamlessly balances the warmth and ripeness of the river valley, richness of clay, and levity of sand and loam, counterposed with the foggy coolness of ocean influence. It is flush with sweet stone fruits, gooseberry and white currant. The finish is bright and lingering, very satisfying. It follows through with even more freshness, candied lemon peel, green apple, vanilla, and chalk. 

Small production consisting of one stainless steel barrel, 2 neutral barrels and one new barrel.

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